70s Vanning Culture Makes a Comeback

70s Vanning Culture Makes a Comeback

Often thought of as the outcasts of the automotive world, "vanners" and their vans created an extraordinary American subculture that saw its rise in the late 1970s. But, just as fast as they rose in popularity, they faded, leaving only an echo across the landscape of American pop culture. So what was "vanning" all about? What is it all about? In July of 2012, filmmakers Andrew Morgan and Nick Nummerdor set out to answer that question and what resulted was a unique view into the lost sub-culture that is Vannin. Watch as people come together from all different backgrounds to share their common interest in retrofitting vans and restoring them to their original beauty, while also adding unique decor improvements. The community in Vannin' truly treats one another as family, all while living a fun and creative lifestyle.

The documentary is filled with interviews that provide great insight into the process of creating a van, and getting involved in the vanning world. Vanners are all about having fun and being themselves. They will travel hours, even days, to join together as a community during big events. Largely thought to have gone the way of the dinosaur, the custom vanning scene and its traditions remain alive and well among a small and close-knit group of hardcore custom van owners. Told through the eyes of the event's patrons, Vannin' explores a unique American subculture.

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