Get Your Kids up off the Couch with Hip Hop Harry

Get Your Kids up off the Couch with Hip Hop Harry

Hip Hop Harry is a bear that runs an after-school community center where kids play and learn together. Harry teaches them about healthy living, imagination, creativity and friendship through hip-hop songs. The series is musically based and includes different dance moves to entertain and educate about social, emotional, and physical development.

Kids can learn about different life lesson each episode such as making friends, sharing, and achieving goals. Not only that, but the show will definitely get your kids up and moving with the fun songs and dance moves. For example, there is a whole episode dedicated to the importance of fitness and staying active. Kids can learn fun ways to do this, such as hula hooping. Hip Hop Harry should definitely by watched by all kids, as they will get a positive message out of each show!

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