Historical Drama Series The Golden Horde, Now Ready for Binge Watching

Historical Drama Series The Golden Horde, Now Ready for Binge Watching

Janson Media today announced the release of The Golden Horde, a 16-hour drama series on Amazon Prime Video platforms in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The story begins at the end of the thirteenth century. Ancient Russia is under Tatar-Mongol rule. Grand Prince Yaroslav dreams of uniting the scattered Russian principalities and ridding the country of the hated Tataro-Mongols, but his own brother, the disgraced Prince Boris, and his eldest son Vladimir stand in the way. It is the epoch of the reign of Berke Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, and the time of the golden age of the Golden Horde.

Yaroslav, the grand prince of Kievan Russia, dreams of unifying several principalities, but his blood brother Boris and eldest son Vladimir turn against him. Mengu-Temir, the Khan’s envoy, is about to bring some forty thousand Russians to the Horde. But all these political maneuvers are nothing more than ornamentation for smartly and brilliantly designed love stories: the Khan’s envoy has an eye for Boris’s wife, Ustinia; the appearance of Nargeez, a young charmer, has nearly broken the marriage of Yaroslav and Radmila; and the relationship between old Berke and 16-year-old Aizhan is suddenly threatened by a spoiled, the icon-painter Nikolka.

The Russian-language series, subtitled in English, stars Sabina Akhmedova, Aleksandr Ustyugov, Svetlana Kolpakova, and Yuliya Peresild, and was produced by the Moscow-based film studio Mars Media, founded in 2011 by the prolific and highly-regarded producer Ruben Dishdishyan.The deal was brokered by Global Agency, the Istanbul-based television content distributor.

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