New Documentary Tracks Norway's Famed Sled Dog Race

New Documentary Tracks Norway's Famed Sled Dog Race

Janson Media today announced the release of the new one-hour documentary film, Norway's Great Sled Dog Race: Bergebylopet N70. Bergebyløpet N70 is a long-distance sled-dog race in North Varanger/Finnmark, in the far northern reaches of Scandinavia. The race was first held in 2003, and has been held ever since in various formats and over various distances. Bergebyløpet is one of the longest sled-dog races in the world and the only long-distance sled-dog race run completely north of the seventieth parallel (70 degrees north latitude), beyond the Arctic Circle. As such, the race is on a par with the legendary Bering Strait and Nome sled-dog races in Alaska.

Stunningly filmed by Italian filmmakers Filippo Palmesi and Joseph Corvino, the documentary explores the historic bond between man and dog as it looks into sled dog culture in northern Scandinavia. The film is available exclusively to broadcast, VOD and educational markets in the United States and Canada. It is available now, to purchase, rent or stream, on Amazon Prime Video.

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