Puppy in My Pocket Created After Success of Toy Line

Puppy in My Pocket Created After Success of Toy Line

Puppy in my Pocket is an Italian animated TV series based on the toy line of the same name, which is part of the larger "In My Pocket" franchise. Take a journey to Pocketville, where beautiful kitty Princess Ava matches lucky children with new pet friends. One day her jealous twin sister Eva accidentally sends Ava to the 'real world' while school girl Kate is sent to Pocketville in her place. Kate and her new dog Magic must continue Ava's work until she can find her way home. The devious Eva tries to stop them so she can become the new Princess.

Kate is a ten-year-old girl. Her clothes change whenever she and Magic go back and forth from Pocketville to the big city. With the Friendship Heart, she is able to understand animals. By the finale, her pure heart allows Princess Ava to transform the Friendship Heart and the Magic Fountain so that she and Magic can visit Pocket Kingdom anytime they want. Each episode is filled with great animation, fun adventures, and magic!

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