The Sniffer Makes its Way to Amazon Prime, Thanks to Janson Media

The Sniffer Makes its Way to Amazon Prime, Thanks to Janson Media

The Sniffer is a detective series produced and shot in the Ukraine by FILM.UA Television. The Russian-language series, subtitled in English, was created, co-written, and directed by Artyom Litvinenko. Janson Media has proudly released all three seasons of this exceptional show on Amazon. The show is full of wit, style, and humor, appealing to a big audience, and can also be seen in the United States on Netflix.

The show's protagonist, played by Kirill Käro, uses his unusually sensitive sense of smell, that allows him to detect and distinguish trace amounts of various substances, to investigate crimes, hence his name "The Sniffer." He can detect things about you that you desperately want to conceal and he will find that needle in the haystack. Don't ever doubt his extraordinary skills, but the truth is that his sense of smell is as much a curse as it is a gift. He works alongside his childhood buddy, Victor Lebedev, played by Ivan Oganesyan, a major in the Special Bureau of Investigations. Watch how the characters develop from episode to episode, leaving the viewer with curiosity to learn more. The major plot twists, high quality production, and excellent cast will definitely leave watchers hooked.

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